A system administrator / dev-ops guy with a passion for glueing stuff together with Python, BASH, and Linux commandline goodness.

This Blog

Written in reStructured Text for the Pelican blogging software. Why Pelican and reStructured Text? I'll start with the reStructured Text choice: I like using a normal text editor - either VIM or Sublime Text. I'm also using RST at work so I wanted to get to know it well. Pelican is actually more or a build system than a true blogging platform - why use it? I've used WordPress before and didn't want the headache of keeping ahead of the copious security flaws that inevitably creep into anything created in PHP. (That one time I didn't patch Wordpress quick enough my whole blog got totally b0rked. Never again.)

I like writing blog posts with a standard text editor, saving my changes to mercurial/bitbucket and then, when I'm ready to publish, type make rsync_upload and having my posts uploaded over ssh to my web server.

Child of the 80s