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MySQL Backup Script


date=$(date +%Y.%m.%d)

# echo and exit
function die {
    echo "$1"
    exit 1

# dump per database
function per_db {
    for db in $(mysql -u ${user} -p${pass} -Bse "show databases"); do
        [ ${db} = "information_schema" ] && continue
        [ ${db} = "performance_schema" ] && continue
        echo ${db}
        mysqldump …

Commandline Completion for Fabric

To get a list of functions in a Fabric file you use fab --list. I use Fabric frequently so I thought I'd save myself some time by using bash completion to render fab --list obsolete.

Being a learn-from-example type of person I immediately consulted Google for some precedence. After a …

MySQL Over an SSH Tunnel

The Problem-ette

I need to access a number of MySQL servers which are only accessible via ssh jump boxes, ie. I have to ssh to Box A in order to connect to Box B via SSH or the MySQL client.

This can get a bit tedious.

The Solution

Being able …